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1. Volvo Penta Overheat diagnosis
VP Overheat Diagnosis.pdf

2. Setting timing on engines with the Delco EST distributors.
All service manuals are wrong. This is a MUST read if you want to set the timing properly.
Volvo EST Timing Procedure - Page 1 - 271407

3. Replacing bellows on 250 thru DP-E outdrives without removing outdrive
Outdrive side pin removal? - Page 1 - 309095

4. Replacing Bellows on a Volvo SX drive.

5. SX and DP-S Ujoints with outside keepers.
Grrrrrrrrr ! Wrong Universal Spyder - Page 1 - 367174

Volvo C1 DP U-joint Cross Reference - Page 1 - 296325

6. Volvo Penta SX/DP-S Gimbal Bearing Grease Tube Replacement
Volvo Penta SX/DP-S Gimbal Bearing Grease Tube Replacement - Page 1 - 380502

7. Engine alignment for 1993 and earlier 290 style out drives.

8. Service bulletin 25-1-16. 2010 bulletin showing new method of installing the metal shim gasket between the riser and manifold.
Service Bulletin 25-1-16

9. Instructions for replacing the primary shaft bearing/s in the flywheel cover.

10. Drawings for making your own Alignment Bar and Gimbal bearing installation tool are found here
Miscellaneous Mercruiser Information - Page 1 - 329915
Note: they are identical to the Mercruiser tools.

11. Free Downloadable Owners Manuals These are directly from the Volvo Penta website. There is also a lot of other information you may like.
Publication search - Publications / Manuals : Volvo Penta

12. Replacing and Adjusting SX & DP-S Trim Sender Downloadable .pdf file.

13. Troubleshooting SX/DP-S Trim System. This thread covers the 2 relay trim system used on many of the SX and DP-S drives. With diagrams and manual information.
Volvo Power Tilt not working - Page 1 - 492684

14. Drive leaks down, trim system does not hold pressure.
This Service Bulletin applies to: - All DP-290 with Power Trim.- All SX, DP-S drives where the shield designation starts with ’’SX-M’’. Previous shields had a different type of pump and pump house.

15 2007+ Volvo Penta SX-A, DPS-A, DPS-B, Ocean X series, TSK-A & B outdrives with trim cylinder that leaks.. repair kits are available.

16. Troubleshooting a Volvo starting system with slave relay.
Troubleshooting a Volvo Starting system.pdf

17. NOTE: You need to know your engine model number, not by year of your boat. If you are not sure of what model number you have or where to find it, have a look at these three links on Volvo Penta Engine ID.
How to identify your engine or drive

18. Online OEM Service Manuals.
Boatinfo - The library, containing manuals, brochures and other technical documents from the last hundred years!

19. How-to: Volvo Penta SX-A/DPS-A Trim pump replacement.
How-to: Volvo Penta SX-A/DPS Trim pump replacement. - Page 1 - 567069

20. SX-DPS drive removal and installation instructions (condensed from OEM manual)
SX R&R.pdf

21. Fogging procedure for MPI engines, not TBI or Carbed engines.
Volvo MPI Fogging.pdf

22. Troubleshooting the Trim/Tilt pump electrial system on the early SX/OMC style pump.

SX Trim Tilt troubleshooting.pdf

23. Fuel Cell whine.

24. Raw Water Pump Repair HERE


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