2021 NFL/NCAAF News and Nonsense


Feb 28, 2020
Fans need to realize it's a game of human elements. Mano y Mano, fight in the trenches, overcome the adversary in front of you. and in this game of human confrontation it is officiated by humans and accept that and move on.

If you want a sensor to tell you things and super slow mo replay that is void of game situation context and viewed with a rule book 10,000 pages long then maybe get into video games?

We still don't know what catches or fumbles are anymore. I did when I was 12, now after 30+ years since then i'm not sure what I see anymore. The more they define the rules and the more they train referees to trust the replay than trust their eyes the worse the game gets IMO. It's not like they've eliminated mistakes, they just look different.

Give me refs with good eyes and the stones to make a call and move on. Or keep adding outside elements of control and more elements to rules we already can't understand and see where that takes us. If they're going to add sensors in the ball, how about laser beams on goal posts?