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How To's and Other Great Information

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  • How To's and Other Great Information


    iBoats has no control over external links contained in stickies and to be aware that links are fluid and may or may not work.

    1. Coast Guard Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders

    2. Fiberglass Information

    3. Pouring Foam in's and out's

    4A. Basic safety equipment for grinding and glassing

    4B. Dust Collection Ideas While Grinding Fiberglass For Your Safety

    5. Building your own outboard motor stand

    6. Flotation/Foam Information-Calculations

    7. SEACAST Review

    8. Before Thinning Epoxy Read This

    9. Starcraft Restoration Index

    10. Proper Aluminum Paint Preparation

    11. PHOTO Posting Instructions

    12. Everything you need to know about snaps

    13. Stress Cracks DIY step by step W/PICS


    15. A detailed step by step instructional on how to re deck your boat

    16. Boat Specifications which are hard to find !

    17. A new-windshield-old-boat-577021

    18. How to replace Transoms, Stringers and Decks

    19. Paint your boat for $100 w oil based enamel and catalyst hardener

    20. Thinning polyester resin is NOT a good idea, here's why in post #22

    21. Aluminum Boats - A FAQ About Those Rivets
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    Get The Best out of Iboats

    You will get the best and fastest information if you would Please provide a few things Before you Post your questions .. Upfront Format if you will..

    First. Year Make And Model If you can. There are some boats that are inherently faulty in ways..

    Second. Direct questions and results that you would expect from the end result.. pertaining to the post.

    Third. Pics. You KNOW were gonna ask for them..so please try to have them. Your first 4 responses are going to be " some pics please ".

    The " I have a boat with a hole in the bottom .. what should I do ? epoxy or poly.. any help would be nice. Oh yea my gel is faded.. and I think my bow rail is coming loose .. help please" Post Does not Help at all. The only thing your going to do is guarantee that the proceeding posts will be undistinguished and like a rubber ball .. all over the place.

    Would help a great deal.

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      Re: Get The Best out of Iboats

      Welcome to the Dry Dock.

      As stated above, in order to help the iboaters family of friends help you, pictures are a must.

      In the dry dock. Large clear pictures are important.

      The easiest way to do this , is to upload your pictures to a free service like photo bucket. http://photobucket.com/

      You can re size the pictures all at one time to be forum friendly by clicking on photobuckets re size option. The size best for the forum is 640x480.

      After you re size, you will be shown a page of your pictures,,,,,when you hover over the picture, it will give you a list of tags.
      Copy the img tag, and just paste it into your reply.

      You can post up to 6 images pre reply. If you need to use several reply's to post the proper pictures......feel free.

      The pictures will look this size.

      Have fun,,,,,,And again......Welcome to the Dry Dock !
      The Hull Extension Thread
      great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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