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Mar 25, 2001
Moderators will edit or delete any posts in violation of the following, and may warn, issue infractions, suspend or permanently ban any member for serious or repeated violations.

We strongly discourage the use of any personal information to be used on the public Forum (such as email address, home address, home phone numbers, etc.). If you must share personal information with someone, use Private Messages.

1. This is a family site. The use of foul or insulting language or the posting of any material not judged suitable by the Moderator Team is forbidden. Substituting characters, misspelling or spacing text is still considered foul language. Disagreements on any topic must be conducted in a polite manner using courteous language.

2. Political, religious or socially controversial topics are not allowed.

3. Do not post copyrighted material or request that anyone else violate copyright law.

4. Attacks (bashing) on any person, organization, company or other entity will not be permitted. Reporting experiences with any vendor, website or organization must be limited to facts. Unqualified attacks will be considered bashing.

5. Photos also need to be in good taste and family friendly. Photo instructions may be found here:
How to Post Pictures - The Basics - Page 1 - 468676
and here:
Photo Upload Tutorial

6. You may not post in the forum to promote any personal enterprise, advertise a business or product, or to solicit responses for contests, off-site poll questionnaires or similar. This includes directing members to social networking sites, including requests to subscribe to Youtube channels or other services of this type as determined by iBOATS Moderators or Administration.

The First post of a thread MAY NOT be used to advertise or promote a product, company, internet site, sale, individual, or service. If you wish to promote a product or internet site, please contact iboats for rates/permission. Please remember that iboats is a retail vendor of marine products and do not post anything that would be detrimental to iboats' interests.

7. No post may contain usernames, avatars, signatures or text with any business name in competition with, including website links. Misspelling, adding spaces, use of "dot" for "." or any other method used to display competitive business or website names and/or links may be automatically edited, manually edited or deleted by Administration or Moderators. Links to boating related educational material may be allowed.

8. You may not solicit any personal transaction (buy, sell, rent, trade, free, donate, etc.) in the forum. Personal transactions arranged completely by Private Message are not affected by this rule. Solicitation by PM must be preceded by contact in the forum. Please note: threads or posts that give extensive details on anything that is for sale will be assumed to be an attempt to advertise and are subject to deletion. Any attempt to sell in the forums will be edited or deleted, including but not limited to profiles and signatures. If you are selling a boat - paid advertising through iboats is acceptable to post in the forum. A link to the ad is mandatory and must be included in your post. Signature links for boats advertised on iboats are acceptable. We encourage members to use this service.

9. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints about the rules, moderation, or management of this site please contact a moderator via PM or iboats management for discussion. It is forbidden to debate these rules or their enforcement in the forum.
If you have problems, questions, feedback or suggestions about the forums or the iboats website, please post your comments HERE.

10. If you are suspended and reregister with a second screen name you will be permanently banned.

11. Please do not post multiple threads in multiple forums about a single problem. This is confusing to those trying to help you. Multiple threads in the same forum about the same issue are also confusing. If you want help fast, one thread in the most closely related forum is the best way to get it.

12. Please do not post to threads that have been inactive for more than approximately 3 months UNLESS you are the original poster. We have very active forums and any thread that remains inactive for that long should be considered "dead". It is especially confusing when there is an entirely new question posted to an old thread. This is considered a hijack. Hijacked threads may be closed and hijacking posts may be deleted or moved at the discretion of the Administrators and Moderators. Please start a new thread of your own for the best possible help from forum members.
NOTE: Some threads are never ending due to the subject or nature of the thread. Administration and Moderators do take this into consideration.​

Private Messages
Rules 7, 8 and 9 allow certain topics in Private Messages that are not allowed in the forum. All other rules apply to Private Messages as well as forum posts.

Post Editing
You are allowed 1 hour after initially creating a post to edit the content. If you would like something changed or updated, please contact a moderator.
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