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Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

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  • Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

    Looking for a little help in identifying an aluminum runabout. No HIN. Last registered in 84 but old stickers and plate date from 1970. The spedo says Sea King Montgomery Ward and a bow tie down has Trailorboat on it. From descriptions I have found online it appears to be a 50s or 60s Trailorboat, similar to the Sportmaster, but with a curved stern and the runabout top. Riveted body, aluminum cross supports on the hull, plywood cross bracing and seats, wood gunwales, 2 cockpit opening and third spot for outboard. May have been paired with an Evenrude Aquasonic.

    Any ideas?

    Pictures are at http://www.photobucket.com/trailorboat

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    Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

    OOOooooooo I love this game

    I lost all my links lately but Fiberglassics has a tiny bit about Trailorboat.

    The Iboats Specs Page link in my signature has a Trailorboat section but all I saw was from the 70's and I'd guess yours to be older than that.

    Google led me to this right here on iboats and this which led me to Klamath boats might be worth contacting them.

    After reading this (do the click here to hide this message thing to get to some history) I don't know how much they will know.

    All that and I have yet to find any other pics to even compare to yours.


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      Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

      Oh almost forgot,

      Welcome to iboats!

      You might want to read this about posting pics most preferred is the photobucket method that displays pic right in your thread. With pics posted in the thread you'll likely get better responses.


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        Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

        Thanks. I had found a few of those articles. The trailorboat spec sheets are nice. TI will need to take better measurements and see where she fits in. Too bad pictures are so hard to find. I guess I might need to hunt down a few Montgomery Ward catalogs.

        Is the front tie down enough to be sure that Trailorboat was the manufacturer?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	P7060227b.jpg
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Size:	131.9 KB
ID:	7048231

        I really have nothing else to go on as yet, but I did find a picture of a Trailorboat nameplate through Google that shows the wood gunwale that looks similar to the rotting decayed remnant pieces I have found near the boat.

        pic of other boat
        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1248#2.JPG.jpg
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        unfortunately I have no nameplates on my boat.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	P9100170.jpg
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ID:	7048232Click image for larger version

Name:	P9100178.jpg
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          Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

          Although I lived in San Rafael, CA, it wasn't long enough ago to even have any idea where this boat was manufactured there.

          Good looking twin cockpit, and port steering though. It will look sharp with a vintage OB hanging off the back.

          You might look for places in & around Northern California that are maritime related. Old marinas (Saulsalito), maritime museums, tin boat websites (there are a few, vintage tin too).

          Although it's interesting to have as much history as we can, there were so many manufacturers making boats for private lablels (Montgomery Ward boats & motors were all made by others) that sometimes there's not a lot of info out there unless the boats are esp unique, Feathercrafts for example.

          Looks like it will cleanup & be a really nice rig. Lets get this thing back in the water. The Starcraft owners group is probably the most active tin forum on iBoats, lots of that info can be used on other tin boats too. So scan thru some of those threads..
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            Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

            Cool looking boat.

            If you can find a good match in the literature run with it. There are many who would put something from one boat on to another. I know 'cause I put Starcraft end caps on a Lone Star.

            Doesn't the title or registration say what it is? Or there is no paper work?

            I would also try and make it legal before investing too much in a restore. I can take months to get new paper work.

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              Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

              i have to agree with the others....even though i'm not in the 'tinny' group, i must say "cool ***** boat"
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                Re: Identify Aluminum Runabout - Trailorboat?

                I called the local Parks and Rec which handles boat registration and they couldn't find anything on their system. The boat has registration ID numbers, several yearly registration stickers and a boat plate, yet nothing matched up. So they have no idea what it is. It hasn't been registered in 28 years, so there have probably been some computer upgrades that dropped old data. The nice part is, I can rebuild it and bring it back as a new "self built" boat and then register it, no title required. So no legal obstacles.

                When I originally found it it was upside down, so I wasn't really interested. But once I turned it over I was hooked. It is way too cool to leave unrestored. This boat needs to get back on the water.