Zodiac Yachtline 275 Rib Self Bailing Drain Plug & Trapped Water


Seaman Apprentice
Jun 23, 2006
On my 2008 Yachtline I recently purchased used, I noticed when I flipped the boat over to clean the keel a black spooled shaped drain plug looking item rolled out of the boat. Looking at the insert it was easy to figure it was a self-bailing plug that should insert into the back of the boat deduced by the direction of the flapper valve. What concerns me is when I go to put it into drain hole via the outside it doesn't fit snuggly at all. In fact it just falls out. My question is, am I not putting it in correctly? It does interface onto the mating side of the drain plug but that doesn't seem like the correct way to fit. The outside measures at .900" which is actually larger than the noted size on the replacement ones. On another note, there seems to be trapped water inside the keel I can't get out. I of course pulled that drain plug and got a lot of water out (rubber washer was dry rotted and probably let water intrude) but still hear water running back and forth and no matter what angle upside down or right side up I hear it water fall around but not drain out. Is there another drain or missing bent hole that needs clearing? Thanks so much! Tom F Poulsbo, WA


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