World Cat boat problems/World Cat design problems

worldcat lemon

Jul 29, 2009
Bought a 2004 27' World Cat HTS with twin Volvo diesels from Town Creek Marina(TCM) in Beaufort, N.C., in 2008. It had a 150 hours on the engines at purchase. TCM did not disclose the severe problems with salt water entry that the first owner tried to resolve from the factory, but World Cat(W.C.) would not fix the boat properly. Thus, he had TCM sell it for him, since he bought it new from them. I also was told by the first owner that Andrew Brown and Phyllis Manning at W.C. headquarters gave him the run-around instead of fixing his boat so the engines weren't eating salt water. This boat was sent to San Diego as a Demo and the first time out it blew an engine, and W.C. brought it back to "study it" and after the new engine was installed, rather than fix the problem they just resold the boat.

The engine hatch design is a defect and they allow salt water intrusion directly into the turbos and all over the engine and components. The engines are ruined, and other components are damaged. W.C. knew of the problem but refused to take responsibility for correcting the problems caused by their design. Even though W.C worked on this boat they claimed they had no service records for the boat, that's odd!? One surveyor I hired to evaluate the boat said it is the worst hatch design he has seen in 30 years in the marine industry.

After 14 months and 10's of thousands of more dollars I could only use the boat 2 times. The last time out the Coast Guard had to tow me in from 10 miles out because the engines ingested salt water. I put 50 hours on the boat, most of which was on the trailer in the shop.

In my experience I would advise anyone considering a W.C. HTS or SX model with diesels to turn and run the other way as fast as possible. W.C. will not be any help in fixing your boat and you will be stuck with a Black Hole in the water that will eat your wallet, your freedom, your piece of mind, and your time. I personally have spoken to 3 other owners who have the same exact problems.

By the way, the design of this boat is so flawed my insurance TOTALLED my boat because the expense to fix the problems exceeds the value of the boat, not to mention there is litigation pending over this boat and its' design. The inspector/surveyor name who gave this boat NMMA certification in 2004 is Tim Pitts, and in my opinion, he is part liable for signing off on this boat.

I feel extremely bad for anyone who owns one of these models, and I hope they have good legal representation.
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Jan 12, 2012
Re: World Cat boat problems/World Cat design problems

I purchased the boat that "worldcat lemon" is posting about, I did some small alteratinons to the leaky hatch and relocated the turbo intakes which were drawing water and causing all the problems. I also added aditional air intake to the engine compartments. I have used this boat for two years now fishing off the westcaost of Vancouver island. I have owned a Grady White and also a Boston Whaler prior to this boat, This is by far the nicest handleing boat I have ever run. The only issue i have had since doing these repairs was a shifting problem in the leg which was easily fixed by a volvo mechanic. I put over 100hrs on this boat and would definately recomend worldcat boats to anyone. It is very surprising to me that between worldcat and the past owner that these simple fixes were not performed.

Vancouver B.C.

Frank Martin

Petty Officer 2nd Class
May 5, 2002
Re: World Cat boat problems/World Cat design problems

I have to say
when it comes to poor quality control
power cat group is at the top of the list
seems they can make the very best boats on the market and propabably the worse

they will then only offer excuses dont stand behind their products
and usally wont call or write you back at all

they have now bought glacier bay boats so moving fwd can now expect the lack of quality control from yet another boat brand they produce
I would buy another used one but now expecting to be buying a project the ride is great
i would never buy a new one from world cat they just dont stand behind their products
the price you will have to pay for one of these boat is just some thing you would expect quality from
the poor quality control and even worse customer service will just break your heart

their warranty is not worth the paper it is on

this company will be out of business before you ever get any thing fixed rite

what a horible experience buy a new boat whatch it fall apart in front of you and when you go back to the factory to ask question they just give you a bunch of excuses

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