Went and looked at a new 191FS, Hmmm?


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Aug 7, 2007
I'm seriously considering a Triumph 191FS so my local dealer had the rep bnring one up. It was from another dealer and had been out on their lot for a while. That's important because some of my observations are partly a result of that. At the same time, a boat sitting out should be able to take it.

The good: For an 18' boat the 191FS is HUGE. There is tons of room on this boat. I think it's rated for eight people, and there's room for many more. The bow seating area is big enough that I was able to lay down on the cushions without the center insert. Four or more adults could sit up there comfortably.

The rear flip down seat is great. Room for three, well made, and you just flip in down for a very large casting platform. Even with the casting platform down the main boat deck is roomy with plenty of space to move around behind and infront of the console seating.

STORAGE. Wow, there is storage everywhere. Room for 8 rods, skis, tons of gear. everywhere you look there's storage.

Trailer: The trailer is the best built aluminum trailer I've seen.

In so many ways I was in love with this boat.

The bad: The door to the main ski hatch didn't quite fit right and stuck. Other hatch lids were ill fitting.

The ski locker in the floor was full of water because the boat had no battery to active the bulge pump. So the DECK is self bailing, but the hatches are not water tight and drain into the bilge which must be pumped out. What's the point of a self bailing deck if deck leaks into the non-self bailing bilge.

The Material is cruddy looking. The rep and the salesman both noted that it would clean right up, but it was really holding dirt in a way the no fiberglass boat does. In every little nook and cranny there was black fungus-like dirt. Now this was a boat that sat out, but then so will mine, and I won't have a powerwasher on the dock to keep it clean. This is not a complaint about the lack of shine on the hull, but the way the maretial itself doesn't shed crud.

In the end, if it was a $25,000 boat I'd be ready to buy, but with a 150 e-tec it gets to be like a $38,000, and the fit and finish are just not in that league.

I'm disappointed because in so many ways it's the perfect boat.

Your results may vary.



Sep 10, 2007
Re: Went and looked at a new 191FS, Hmmm?

Well I am in Florida and have been looking at the 21' CC. with T-top and that price is $37,000 w/ Yamaha 150 4 Stroke. That price your dealer is asking seems high.