War Eagle Blackhawk 2170 factory transducer bracket problem complaint help please!


Jul 30, 2015
Just took delivery on a new 2015 War Eagle Blackhawk 2170, absolutely love the boat except after reaching plane and passing 18 mph the sonar pic shows mush; slow down to trolling speeds and the pic goes back to normal. The transducer is mounted to a transducer bracket welded to the transom by War Eagle from the factory. Wesley at W.E. said he never heard of this issue; but the dealer that sold me the boat thinks the bracket was not attached correctly and once reaching plane water is being forced in a "pocket" between the bracket and the transducer creating turbulence; moving the transducer up and down on the bracket does not help. Next step is to grind the bracket off and attach the transducer directly to the transom. I know there are not a lot of War Eagles out there, however, does anyone else have or had this problem? Solution? Mine is the 22 degree hull, Lowrance transducer, Yamaha F150, with a jack plate.Thanks in advance.