Vanguard Centurion


Jul 13, 2008
We have a 1975 Vanguard Centurion with a 1976 Johnson 85 HP bought in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada when new. We bought it slightly used in 1977, and it is has been kept at our cottage in Moose Lake Manitoba since (in the boathouse when not being used for skiing or pleasure riding).

When we bought it, it didn't have a BIA spec plate and we were told it was a "demonstrator" boat, as it had a newly designed top section on the older hull, with the angled glass windows versus the older curved plexi-glass. The only other Centurion that I have ever seen was the older model, and the upper deck was more curved, with a less angular bow and curved gunwales. The hull design is a bit unusual as it is sort of a W-hull versus a V-hull, and handles corners very well and tracks well, but is a bit rougher-riding in the chop.

Does anyone know what the exact specs for this boat are or where I could find them? I believe it is about 16 1/2 ft, and we were told it was rated for as much as 150 HP.



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Petty Officer 3rd Class
Jun 17, 2008
Re: Vanguard Centurion

Hi Kwilford,

Welcome from one cadet to another! That is a neat looking Vanguard! I will have to figure out how to get some pictures loaded up on here so that I can show you what my boat looks like. Is that the original cover on it? My cover looks remarkably similar! As I said need to post a pic or 2 in the thread I started.
I have dug around a lot to try and find info on the Vanguard boats, but I really haven't had a whole lot of luck. If I do happen to stumble across something that applies to your boat I will let you know.

Happy Boating!