Triumph 2002 210 CC


Petty Officer 3rd Class
Aug 28, 2006
Hello, I have owned a 2002 210 CC boat for about 8mo now and have had no "major" problems so far, just on the quality side of the components...not bad. However, I have been reading this forum and am alittle concerned on 2 topics...

1 - I have been using a strap lift to launch my boat, I added a bunk and put bunk pices on top of that one so the strap can fit thru easier...what will this do to the support of the boat?

2 - How can I tell if water is accumulating in the Hull as some claim (How does it get in the Hull in the first place, from the outside or inside?, and if so, what is the process to drain it?

I would greatly appreciate some experienced insight on this topic...thanks.

Jan Z

Seaman Apprentice
Sep 15, 2005
Re: Triumph 2002 210 CC

you should be able to get your questions answered here . at

I own a 150 and love it but I know some folks have had some issues with the 19's and 21's with water and cracks. Good luck to you.


Nick on the Bad Habit

Petty Officer 2nd Class
Dec 11, 2004
Re: Triumph 2002 210 CC

The only way that I can think to know for sure if the foam is holding water, is to weigh the boat on a regular basis.