Tom Sawyer 1972 Lark Resto


Sep 11, 2010
I boat this boat for a steal! i started the resto with my son as a summer project. it is a 1972 Tom Sawyer Lark 16' closed bow mercruiser 140

i have completly stripped it down inside and out, repainted it with high grade marine paint (hull was in good condition. Pulled the floor out, stringers were all in great shape no roten or wet wood at all, but i went ahead and added some new cross supports. put in new marine grade plywood and poured in 4 gallons of fiberglass resin over fiberglass sheets. Pulled the motor and outdrive out and rebuilt the out drive completely (very hard to find some of the Pre alpha parts) put in new bearings on the drive shaft. motor was in good shape still have to do some upgrades on the distributor to make it more efficient and moder (electronic ignition is next) the dash had to be completely custom made as the old dash had dry rotted. i was able to rebuild the power trim controls and all new wires from the front to the back have been put in. replaced the steering cable as the old one had dried up and frooze in the line, i was able to find as used one localy for $30, what a great deal. new carpeting on the floor and side walls, new custom vinyl side boards and dash. new gas tank, sending unit, copper lines all new retro lights. still have to find some good priced seats. and rub rail. i will probaly put it in the water next spring as the season is almost done this year.