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Jan 23, 2009
I have one of the old Guide Series boxes as well. I like it but doesn't really fit nicely in my kayak or bass boat.

The biggest downside with the soft bags I found was when I was kayak fishing. It was real easy to get baits caught on the bag and mesh.

On the bass boat I pretty much use the 3700 series boxes for all the hard baits and spinning/buzz bait specific boxes.

They seem to stow well in the boat without a lot of problem. For the soft plastics I think I'm leaning towards bait bags. I like to break my soft plastics up (jig trailers / worms / swim baits / creature baits / etc).

When I bank or pond fish I use a soft bag with my preferred baits but I keep all the baits in the original plastic box (or a small clear plastic box) so keep from snagging them.
I still keep an old Daiwa take-down rod with its storage box in my truck. I've had that thing almost 40 years and it's caught a ton of fish. It's been broken and repaired and broken again, but is still usable after all these years. I don't use my truck very much anymore. I suppose I should pull that box out and get it set up to use again, then put it in the back of my car. :unsure:
That way, I can always be prepared if I see a likely spot while out driving around. ;) 😎

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Nov 17, 2017
This is what I use. Cheap, effective. Most all of my fishing is for catfish or bait fish. One small and one large holds all I need.


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Jun 26, 2010
I'd thought about getting smaller, soft-sided tackle bags, maybe having a crankbait box, a soft bait box, a supplies box, etc., but I'm just not sure. I have no experience at all with the soft cases.

Thoughts and ideas please! :)
Years ago I bought a Bass Pro Extreme bag and love it. I used to always have the big hard plastic ones. With the soft sided I can load whatever Plano boxes I need for the type of fishing I'm planning on doing and leave the rest at home.