Sterndrive vs Jetdrive

Jul 17, 2011
Wanting to upgrate to a bigger boat. Currently have a Tahoe Q4 SF. Thinking about Yamaha AR210 or Tahoe 228. Want it for cruising, wakeboarding, and just a good family boat for 4-6 people. Any other brands you reccomend? Is the wake on the Yamaha really that bad? Can you at least jump it? Thanks guys.



Senior Chief Petty Officer
Mar 10, 2009
Re: Sterndrive vs Jetdrive

I don't know enough about the two boats you mention to know if one is a jet boat. Just watching the boats at the lakes I go to, very seldom do I see a jet boat doing much in the way of tubing, skiing. or wake boarding. They seem to be very flat bottom and not much wake. So I would say if you are into that sort of stuff a stern drive would be the way to go.