Setup parameters for a 2010 zodiac Mk II aluminum with Console, and 50 hp ETEC


Jul 19, 2012
I have a 2010 zodiac futura mk 2 alu, with console and a new 50 hp ETEC.

I need some setup help, to achieve max performance/speed.

I currently have a 14inch 19 pitch prop, and the diameter is and estimate.

The motor is as low as it can go, and is too low for sure, getting lots of water blowback into the boat.

Speed is 25 mph and RPM is 6000 to 6100 WOT.

So to anyone who actually owns a futura mk two, what is the depth/distance of your anti cav plate from the exact bottom of the transom?

What diameter and pitch prop are you using? My Evinrude dealer is ordering me a stainless 21 pitch prop, which I hope will bring down the rpm and raise the speed.

The hole shot on this boat is insane, like being launched on a rocket. I dont mind loosing some of that punch for a faster boat. So any help you can give me to steer me into the right direction is greatly appreciated! :)


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