New Slickcraft owner, struggling with big decision!


Sep 27, 2012
Hello, I am new Slickcraft owner; I purchased a 1973 Slickcraft SS-235 in August of this year. I knew full well that with all older boats that money would have to be put in. I initially bought it with the intention of fixing it up, with a possibly a full restore over time. However, I ran into numerous mechanical issues, which I had to take care of, before I could really start on the boat itself. I nearly finished all the mechanical issues, but learned that there is a fair amount of water logged wood/rot in the transom section. A costly expense, none the less and I am on the fence of whether or not to fix it, or use the boat for as long as possible and then sell it? Don't know which way I should go. Looking for anyone's input or 2 cents on the issue.