New Research Boat, ideas on what it is?

Jul 8, 2009
So I switched institutions for my PHD and when I got here my major professor said here...fix this and run it for your study. So first things first, any ideas what it is?

I'm pretty sure it's an old Monark but not 100% sure, let alone what model or specs it is, like weight, structural design, free board, that sort of stuff, or what the suggestions on bilge size and wiring and all that.

So i'm looking for some help here, on maybe year and model maybe some suggestions on motor size if we have to get a new stern drive, it's got a 454 cobra in it right now, i'm hoping it runs not to sure as of yet. It's hard to find info on these old beasts, she looks like a heck of a boat though.

Closed cabin with plastic sheeting attached with snaps
hydrolic winch (i'm sure aftermarket)
454 Cobra Marine Stern Drive
Two gas tanks
Bow mounted anchor pully system with rope though hole under windshield under driver side to tie down on front bench (not sure could be aftermarket).
Rubber half tubing on bow gunnel, used to have half tubes all the way around gunnel.
Diamond plate stern boxes either side of the lower unit about 2' x 2' each
Stern surrounded by 1.5" pipe as double rail
Top of cabin has what appears to be a mounting rack for some sort of raft or throw pfd
Has air horn mounted on top of cab looks factory
Cathedral hull design
Two battery mounts at transom left and right of engine



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