New Boater with Triumph/Logic 150 questions


Jul 31, 2010
hello, I just purchased our first boat. It's small but hopefully will teach me boating skills so we can eventually move up in time. It is a 15' Logic made entirely of plastic resin. Supposibly it cannot sink and the hull won't get damaged. I hope not to test it. Here are the questions....

With so little space and even less storage, I am wondering what the 18"x36" door in the floor is made for? It leads to the boats hull, but anything put in there will slide under the rear floor and become unreachable, besides get soaked as the hull collects water.

When I remove the 2 rear plugs, it seems as if each drains from a seperate side of the boat. Are they connected or is there a wall running lengthwise seperating the two sides of the boat? When I spray water into the port drain, I see it accumulate in that door area, but nothing comes out the right drain. Somehow a bobber has found its way into the right chamber and I need to push something into the hole to get water draining on that side. I am wondering how the previous owner got the bobber in there to begin with and how I can remove it?

The boat has one battery in the rear that powers the boat and a seperate battery up front that only powers the trolling motor. Wouldn't I be better off putting both batteries in the rear and running a seperate wire up to the trolling motor and use a 2 way battery switch so both get charged?

Shouldn't the anchor rope (up front in one compartment) be tied at the end? I fear seeing the end of the rope slip over one day. I see no where to tie it permanently without losing one side bow cleat.

Would waxing the plastic boats shell improve performance? It seems to stay very clean but I am thinking that wax might reduce resistance.

How often should I grease the wheel bearings on the trailer and the fittings on the Johnson outboard? Both look well greased now. I assume it need two different types of grease, one wheel bearing and one Johnson grease? Do they make one that can lube both?

I can hear a bilge pump come on when I throw the switch, but even with the hull full of water, nothing comes out anywhere. It sounds as if it is coming from that mystery compartment under the floor. How do I get to it, and if it is only one the port side, how would it drain the water in the other half? Do they usually clog, or just need replacement every so often?

Thanks again friends.