My first boat - 66 MFG Niagara


Apr 20, 2015
Hello Guys,

My name is Mike, I am 31 Years old and a first time boat owner.

First of all I have just bought my first boat. I grew up on the lake and my dad had all sorts of boats growing up but they were never mine. So I started looking for one in January and found someone who wanted a bigger boat and was getting rid of this. I didn't want fiberglass at first, cause I just wanted to use it for fishing.. But when he told me his price of $300.00 I had second thoughts one for the price the second because I have 4 kids.

I finally got it last Sunday. The kid who had it did not know what kind of boat it was and on the reg it said MISC, after about 5 minutes of looking over the boat I found the MFG symbol on the windshield and also on the plate with the serial number. I looked it up to find to my surprise its a pretty rare boat! Its a 14ft 1966 MFG Niagara, it came with a 1973 50HP Johnson Evenrude that was pretty much rebuilt except for the carbs and a Holsclaw trailer model a-900 that I cant find any information on.

It has no real seats and no ski racks. it also has a new bow light that only has 2 screws instead of 3. Im gonna restore her as I have already started the process. But I'm gonna keep the "bench" seats and cover them with white marine vinyl and foam to give it that nostalgic look. I am also going to put in a Fish finder and trolling motor as well as a fuel water separator and update the steering wheel and cables cause there still on pulleys and there illegal here in RI. Im gonna paint the bottom of the boat (Inside) White and the sides of the boat on the inside the color the boat is because its easier to clean and i think it will look nice as well.

I cleaned her up and re wired the entire boat just because. I named her Irene after my grandmother who lived on the lake I grew up on for 50 years. My dad passed away in 2010 and I know he would have wanted me to name her this ;) My dad was a huge boat guy!

I attached some pictures but I will definitely take some more detailed pictures for you all to see ;)

So I have some Questions.

Does anyone know what the original Bow light was called? It was much bigger and had 3 screws. Looks kind of like the end of a horn.
There is a place right in front of the windshield in the middle where something was once attached? a Horn?
Does anyone know where I can find the Dash trim that said MFG Niagara for the passenger side of the dash?
Does anyone know where I could get the windshield replaced or repaired?
Does anyone have any idea if the Hull grommets for the old seats, will they fit the new style seats? like same bolt pattern?
Does anyone know what the top paint color is called for this boat?
Does anyone know where i can get a boat cover for this Boat?

Thanks guys! I read so many great things on this sight that I had to join in on the fun. I hope you all can help me out! Look forward to your responses!
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Nov 16, 2011
Sorry it took so long to respond 66 ! Not much activity going on over here in a while . Guess everyone is still in hibernation ! :D
Nice looking Niagara !
Good idea upgrading the steering but you do have an original steering wheel . Haven't found one of those for my boat yet ..
The bow light was called a bow light .. :rolleyes: I can post a pic of mine and see if it would be the same for yours . Mine is a 64 so they may have changed .
I think your right on the mounting holes in front of the w/s . Prolly a horn ..
A sign shop or other online decal makers should be able to duplicate your emblem for the dash . My Edinboro had a decal like sticker port side dash ..
Are you sure you can't clean up the windshield? You can make your own with lexan as others on the restoration forum have done ..
Not sure what you mean by hull grommets for the old seats . It probably had the fun and sun seat set up originally .
Your paint color is called blue .. :D
You could get a boat cover at walmart or here at Iboats . Might not be a custom fit though .. You could have one made at an upholstery shop or do what I plan on doing make your own ..
Have you checked the transom for rot ?
Ohh ! Almost forgot ! Welcome aboard ! :welcome:
You should make a thread over in the restoration section . A ton of good folks over there willing to help out with all your questions !
I think one of these may be yours ..
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Aug 2, 2010
Nice boat! and welcome!

I picked up a freebie that I am going to do up.


Nov 29, 2008
Nice to see another MFG on the saved from extinction list.

The blue color- I can't remember what MFG called it at the moment. But I used an oil-based polyurethane floor and deck enamel from ACE Hardware mixed to a Benjamin Moore color called "Dream I Can Fly" which is a pretty good replicate. Or you could get a color sample and get a quart of automotive acrylic urethane matched to it. Then spray it.

The Dream I Can Fly color was just about a perfect match for the color under the all-around light base bezel where it had been protected for years from the sun and weather. So I feel pretty good as far as it being as original color as possible.

If you haven't done it already, you can clean the plastic windshield by first wading it with a soft brush and car wash inside and out to remove any grit. The following is easier if you remove it it and put it on soft cotton towels and something cushiony underneath. Then use Maguires plastic polish in the blue bottle with a 100% cotton terry bonnet on a buffer to make it crystal clear again. Never use synthetic, wool, or "microfiber" bonnets cuz they will get hot and severely mar/damage the acrylic with grooves and globs. NEVER use windex or anything else with ammonia in it on the windshield. Or vinegar for that matter.

Use the Maguires plastic cleaner (used to be a white bottle) after using a soft brush and plenty of water to flush away any dirt or grit and then take a 100% cotton cloth to apply the clear plastic lens cleaner.

Looking forward to seeing more!