Is it worth it?


Jul 4, 2007
Hello all, I'm a prospective boat owner in the near future, (after the house is done...) and I have a line on a used, riveted, 18' Starcraft of unknown year and model, (my next post will have pics and the ID plate #). I looked at it twice, briefly, and it seems as if the owner was in the process of an upgrade, but for whatever reason gave up on it. It has an old Johnson 90 on it, (owner says it worked well last year), and a trailer that will need some work too. He's asking for $1600 bucks.

It is an open bow, dual console with walk-through windscreen. I can see the wood of the transom from inside the cockpit but it looks okay so far, (I'll do the engine shake thing to check for weakness when I go back tommorrow). The floor feels good, but the "bulkheads" for the consoles look a bit moldy 'round the edges. It seems to be the perfect boat for the kid (7 year-old daughter), and I to restore. I've been reading up on the forum here about aluminum vs. FRP, and I feel that Alum. is the way to go = no rot, lighter, trailerable, fresh water lake use, etc... Also, I was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy, and my specialty was structures, ie, rivets and such, so I am quite familiar with the material.

If I can talk the owner into dropping the motor, and just taking the boat and trailer for a lower price project, (re-power with a new motor when done), Are the older Stars' worth the effort? I do not want to get someone else's headache, but the new boats are way too expensive. Plus I talked the wife into letting me get a motorcycle two years ago, so ANOTHER loan is just not do-able.

I've read a LOT of posts here and have got tons of useful info, but just want to get your thoughts on the matter. Oh, one last thing, does anyone else find the mingled aroma of gasoline, seawater, and a mildly mildewed boat cabin intoxicating? I know it sounds weird but that smell triggers very fond memories of my childhood on my Grandpa's 23' Winner back in the '70's...

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Nov 11, 2005
Re: Is it worth it?

star crafts are good boats, in an aluminum boat it is normal to have exposed wood transom. since you are mechanicly inclined it should be an easy project. one thing to remember Gulvit is a riveted boats best friend. waiting for the pics.