iBoaters...Where are you!!!! - Members Map


Lieutenant Junior Grade
Jul 31, 2016
Just wondering what the colors on the pins mean?


Mar 6, 2022
Added my pin in Colorado.
Wow....kind of lonely out here.
There's less than a dozen of us within 100 miles.


Chief Petty Officer
Sep 2, 2022
Not sure if this will work but I'm gunna put it out there and see what comes from it. I've had the pleasure recently of meeting, Face to Face with a couple of the iBoat members that I've conversed with mulitiple times here on the forum. The experience was pleasurable for me. Not sure about them!!!!:eek: It got me to thinkin that if we knew where everyone was located that we might possibly find a centralized location where we could "Meet-UP" to Shake Hands and Chew the Fat on a Get Away Weekend. Do it on a Local, Regional and maybe once in a while a National Basis. Not sure how everyone feels about it but I'm puttin it out there and we'll see how it goes. I put a link to an Interactive map the jbCurt gratiously put together for me. You can click on the Additions Tab in the upper left corner of the map and then Click the select Add Marker to add your information and it will put your location and any other info you care to share on the map. PLEASE don't put personal info on the map such as Email of Phone #'s We can use the map to figure out a central meeting location for Local meetings or Regional ones and or for a Big National one. I told some of the guys that if I win the Lottery, I'll pay for everyones expenses to come to the first one!!!🤦 But... only IF I win the Lottery!!!!:rolleyes: Anywhooo, Click the link below if you wanna PIN yourself onto the map and we'll see how it goes.

Click Here To Enter Your Location on the iBoats Member Map

PM me with any ideas on where and when to have this ShinDig!!!!!!:joyous: