davit installation, cracks, console adjustment


Dec 24, 2010
I just purchased a 2002 Triumph 210cc. I also purchased a EZ Puller on a stainless steel davit. I am unsure how to attach it to both the floor and gunwale. Do I need special mounting screws and on the gunwale do I go all the way to the outside of the hull a mount an exterior plate? Also what do you use for a sealer to keep the water out of the hull?
Upon cleaning the floor, I found a 4 inch crack closest to the bow seating, where the floor ends and the bow seat rises from the floor. In fact, the whole last foot of the floor in the bow feels mushy like there isn't any support beneath the floor. What do I use to fill cracks to keep water from getting into the sealed area of the hull.
Lastly, when I tip the console back to access the battery on/off switch, it doesn't want to close. I am forced to slam it shut to get it to come forward enough to close complete. I looked at the hinges but I don't see any way to adjust the console to a more forward position. Any suggestion would be helpful.