Can anyone tell what model & year my boat is?

Aug 12, 2009
I was recently given a boat & trailer from a supervisor of mine who retired & moved. He bought the boat & trailer in 2007 & only had a bill of sale & an Inspection Certificate for the trailer vin only. He said he just never had the time or chance to get everything lined out after he had bought the boat, but it ran good when he got it ready & placed it in storage. Since no title is needed in our state for either the boat or trailer, I have very little information to go on & have not found anything verifiable on the internet. I know it is a Tom Sawyer due to the labeling of the sterring wheel & the metal identification tags on the inside of the back of the boat to the left of the engine, "Tom Sawyer, Inc., Hannibal, MO" But no where is it identified as to which model it may be or the year it was manufactured. It has no 12 digit HIN number only a 6 digit serial number. Does that mean it was made in 1972 or earlier? It measures 18' 2" from front to rear & is 88" per the widest part. It does have 2 metal emblems on each of the outer back sides, which look like armour shields/or badges with what appears to be an octypus wearing some kind of head crest sprawling over the top of the shields, there are no etching or marks of any kind present. It has an inboard MercCruiser Stern Drive GM 6 engine that registers as 165 HP. It came with a 1977 Shorelander dual axle trailer. I would love to hear from anyone with any knowledge of the year or model of boat I now own. I would love to hear all, the good, bad & even the ugly. We had a 1978 28ft pontoon boat with a Johnson 90 hp motor on it when I was growing up & would like to be able to research & obtain all the information I can, before attempting to operate. Please advise as I am not educated in this field at all. If anyone knows where I could write or call regarding info please let me know also. Thanks for any & all help. I finally got my picts to upload hope you can see them.


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Sep 16, 2009
Re: Can anyone tell what model & year my boat is?

It looks like mine........1968