Bow mount trolling motor wiring 2001 Super Guide V16


Aug 30, 2020

I recently bought a 2001 Super Guide V16 and I'm trying to get it set up. The owner never used the trolling motor, and the trolling motor was original (and not working). I am bought a 24v Minn Kota Edge 65/45''. My problem is, the storage compartment on the casting deck is too small to fit 1 Exide dual purpose (27 group) battery. Let alone 2x 12v deep cycle batteries. I even tried sliding in the battery sideways and turning it straight up once inside, to no avail. There just isn't enough room in there to make it work.

I always thought the wiring ran from the bow, to the back of the boat where the battery(s) go. The wiring for the trolling motor right now is resting in that compartment on the casting deck. Are there smaller batteries I should be looking at? Should I get a 12v trolling motor instead?

If possible, I don't mind sending the wires down to the floor storage on the casting deck. It's bigger, and I could get 2x 12v batteries down there if I really have to. Or even just 1x 12v, if I swap trolling motors. Problem is, I don't know how to due that. I'd appreciate any input, including anything I haven't thought of yet.

This is my first actual bass boat, and I REALLY don't want to have a deep cycle battery just sitting on my casting deck out in the open. I'd like to have things done the right way on this boat. Thank you in advance.

edit: I also tried pushing the wire down from the bow where the bow light wiring is coming from, to no avail. That line does in fact run through the floor storage on the casting deck. So I am thinking maybe I am just going to have to disconnect that to help feed it through, then pull it back and reconnect them. I'd like to avoid that if possible though.


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