3607 Air Conditioning


Chief Petty Officer
Aug 10, 2016
I have a 1983 3607 and am thinking about adding A/C to the boat. I'm looking for pictures that others may have on the installations on these models (year could be different though). I know they were offered with three units, usually a 12k unit in the aft cabin, a 16k unit in the salon and a 5, 6, or 7k unit in the v-berth. Mine has some cutouts where I could run wiring, plumbing and some of the air ducting, but I'm not sure if those are all I'd need or if I'd have to add more. I would have to make the cutouts for the actual intake grills and outlet grills. Any pics or suggestions you might have would be helpful.

Not sure if I'll do all three. We've had the boat for 20+ years and have never really NEEDED heat or A/C but found it would be nice every now and then. I might just put a unit in the salon to add some heat or remove the humidity to the whole boat.

We don't have a genset and don't anticipate ever needing the heat or A/C if we're on the hook.


Lieutenant Commander
Nov 7, 2002
Maybe go look at a similar model for sale with a/c to get the info you need.