1991 Tracker Pro Deep V 17'


Mar 12, 2021
Recently purchased a 1991 Tracker Pro Deep V 17'. The previous owner has health issues therefore he was unable to provide an overview of how everything worked and wiring diagram. The Boat is in my garage right now and I want to understand how everything works before I take out on water. If anyone could provide some information for my questions below I would greatly appreciate it.
1. Due to local water restriction on HP, Can I easily replace the 50hp Mercury outboard with a 20hp or less and connect to console?
1A. Will someone buy the 50hp Mercury and if so what is the value?
2. Are the console switches all wired to rear battery? And what is the AUX switch?
3.If I add additional batteries should they be in series or Parallel?
4. Does it make sense to add an additional trolling motor for electric only lakes, and can I wire that to my system or should I set up a separate power source?
My old boat was a 12ft starcraft with no frills so I am a novice with this upgraded type boat.
Thanks.1991 Tracker.jpg