1990 90 HP Force Mod: 906X90A Throttle/Transmission linkage issue

May 11, 2022
I am having trouble with my 90 hp Force Outboard motor throttle. It is catching when I try to move the accelerator to start the motor. When I engage forward or reverse to get to opening the throttle or to get to wide open throttle (WOT) to clean out the carb when starting. It seems to be catching at the hook piece of the tower linkage on the transmission linkage.
My questions are:
The hook piece looks like it is designed to stop the throttle from engaging at some point (like neutral). But how is the throttle suppose to be able to engage for starting? What is the action that lets the throttle go to WOT when in neutral?
For example, the operator sits at the helm, pulls out slightly on the throttle control and moves it forward which engages the throttle.
At that point does something happen with the transmission linkage to allow for the WOT start?

Does the controls at the helm move that transmission linkage up or down a little bit to allow for WOT start?

Any help with insight would be greatly appreciated......