1989 18' Fish CCF Water Leak Under Battery Tray (Pics)


Jun 1, 2016
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum. Seeking help about an issue that's driving me nuts.

After we won the battle against Termites using tenting and many years of non-use; We are on the process of restoring my dad's 1989 18 Fish CC. Boat is not in perfect condition, but we got no money for buying a new one so maybe ours good for some inshore, calm sea pleasure.

The original wood/fiberglass floor where the battery was originally placed was rot. Was getting lots of deck water in that space under the tray. We cut remaining rotted tray and proceed to seal all that area with Gluvit and silicone. I thought water was coming from under the big yellow floating foam that is there. We sealed where the foam meets the hull fiberglass with Marinetex, and when it cured we completely sealed the area with Gluvit. After that we cleaned, primed, painted and organize wires in that area.

But yesterday heavy rains passed thru our area, and I found the same area filled with water again. I'm really breaking my head trying to guess all that water is coming. I can't think all that is filled with water coming from the rod holder on the upper area. Maybe there are 2'' of water in the marked spot (see attached pictures).

Maybe the scuppers are the problem, but I can feel where they meet with the deck and it's not completely dry nor full humid.

It's too hard to remove the scupper to verify the hose to the drain? I've been a month dealing with this, and I'm my options are ending. Please give me some lights.

Have a great day my friends.






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