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How to ask a question / Create New Topic

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  • How to ask a question / Create New Topic

    Welcome to the iboats.com Boating Forum: Below you will find out how to ask a question, or create a new topic. Feel free to message any MOD if you have questions.

    Before you can post questions to the forum, you must login or register (if you haven't previously) to iBoats. Do this by clicking on the login icon in the upper right corner of your browser window:
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    Once you click that a new window will come up:
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    Either fill in your user name and password on the left side, or click REGISTER on the right and follow the prompts.

    Prior to posting, please review the FORUM RULES and know that you are posting within these guidelines.

    Once you have logged in, visit the forum home page (http://forums.iboats.com/) to find the destination forum. The destination forum will be related to the question, or topic you would like to create. If you want to talk about non-boating topics, visit our DOCKSIDE CHAT forum.

    After selecting the correct forum, you will then need to click the "+ New Topic" button.
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    Now, you are ready to post your topic. Title your topic, and it is recommended that you be as specific as possible with your questions. That is to help others know if they can assist you, or are interested in the same information.
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    There are three optional buttons on the editor when you are creating your post:
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    ​ ATTACHMENTS is primarily used for uploading photos, but can be used to attach several different types of files. You can see an overview of how it works in the PHOTO UPLOAD TUTORIAL.

    Clicking the ADVANCED EDITOR will open up options for formatting your text, adding links and quotes and inserting photos and videos.
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    Clicking on the SMILIES button will open up a toolbox of smilies you can use in your post:
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    When you've finished typing your post, click the blue POST button in the bottom right corner of the editor. When you do, you should be redirected to your new topic. If you aren't for some reason, go to the forum you posted into and navigate to it there.

    Other members will reply to this page. You can bookmark the page or Subscribe to it to stay notified. If you have any additional questions or concerns, send a moderator a private message for assistance or you may also post them in the iBoats FORUM and WEBSITE ISSUES section.

    Thank you for visiting iboats, it is our hope that you enjoy your time spent here either learning or helping when/wherever possible. And please post a final conclusion of any technical issues you've inquired about in order to help other members/boaters!
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