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Vinyl lettering/graphics....

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  • Vinyl lettering/graphics....

    I know that several of ya'll are doing complete paint jobs and was curious to see how many are going to go back with vinyl lettering or graphics. It's still in the distant future for me but if I use them i need to get them made soon.

    After the work required to remove the old stripes and lettering I'm still on the fence about going back with them. I'm repainting and plan to paint the new design but I don't think I can paint the "IMPERIAL" and the other lettering on the hull and make it look right.

    What do ya'll think?

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    Re: Vinyl lettering/graphics....

    Hay Jason

    Well I have a big trible sticker I am putting on my it 18 by 56 or something like that , the wife said she would paint the name and my number on there !!!

    I know what you mean on putting the vinyl back on , I was even thinking about traceing that sticker and then painting it !!!!! But I am just going to put it on after talking to a couple of my friends, once it gets baked on I guess its on there !!!! John

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      Re: Vinyl lettering/graphics....

      Ya, get with a local sign shop and have thenm cut you some new vinyl, you should be able to get what you want for less than $20 in any color or font you want.

      After it is painted you don't want the sticker to come off.

      Just painted mine and got 2 new reg numbers, 2 Sea Nymphs and the boat name for $20.

      If you want to paint it on they can also cut you a stencil, you put it on and paint then peel it off adn there you go, a perfect name painted on the boat, either way a local sign shop is the way to go.
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