yamaha f100 low oil pressure alarm


Petty Officer 1st Class
Jan 21, 2017
The oil pressure alarm problem happened before occasionally on the lake, when it run in high rpm for 3 mins. It did not trigger the alarm if it was running below 3000 rpms. I guess it was the fault oil pressure switch so I ordered the parts.

Then I changed the remote control from 703 to 704 and I did all the rewiring work. However, after all the work done, now it triggers the alarm from the beginning. The new oil pressure switch is working good with bench tested on 20 psi to disconnect the circuit. And the resistance test between the wire and the ground also shows it disconnects on the running, which means the oil pressure is big enough to break the the circuit. But it still triggers the warning and shows the low oil pressure.

Do I get the wiring wrong on somewhere? Or is there something wrong on the CDI?
Any suggestion helps.

Thanks, the engine is 2001 F100.