Why our depth finder should be covered under warranty


Feb 10, 2015
Our boat was delivered to the dealer 8/30/13. Among the problems at that time were ? no engine, cover missing, and WHITE depth gauge when all the other gauges were black. Dealership ordered black depth finder gauge to match other gauges in helm.

Engine was finally received and installed and boat was delivered to us approx. 9/16/13 (white gauge was still in helm).

A few days later the dealer came out and replaced just the gauge (not the transducer).

Late March or early April 2014 our depth finder quit working. Since it was only 7 months old and we had several problems with the set-up of the boat we contacted Faria (the instrument manufacturer) to confirm compatibility. Faria indicated the depth finder gauge and transducer are a matched set and both should be replaced unless you are replacing with the exact same part number. This was discussed with both the warranty department at Nautic Global and Centerville Marina ? we asked that both parts be replaced, as per Faria instructions, to prevent further problems. CENTERVILLE MARINA CAME OUT AND ONLY REPLACED THE GAUGE, AGAINST OUR WISHES AND FARIA?S INSTRUCTIONS.

December 2014, eight months later, our depth finder is not working again. Nautic Global and Centerville Marina are refusing to cover the repair under warranty as the boat is now 1 year past its? delivery date. We feel this is completely unfair since they created the problem by not following the manufacturer?s instructions twice (once when they changed the gauge from white to black and again when they replaced the gauge when it failed the first time).


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Jun 26, 2011
If both the white face and the black face gauges (depth locators) are from the same manufacturer (Faria), I can't see any issue what so ever with the transducers myself. I mean only the color of the gauge was the difference. Seems maybe there is something else effecting the display and not the transducer. But this is just my opinion...


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Jul 18, 2011
Yes, totally unfair, but I am not sure how that helps you.

Welcome to iBoats, sorry to hear that you are having quality issues with your boat. Try leaning on Hurricane a bit.
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