why are my posts disapearing

dan t.

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Feb 28, 2008
Twice in the last 2 days I have posted links to free service and parts manuals.
I posted them in the non repair outboard section but they are gone the next day
What is happening. If they are in the wrong place why cant a moderator move them


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Dec 28, 2013
Management does not like people hunting for free stuff I think. ---???

Fun Times

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May 16, 2009
The material type and the way it's being distributed is a gray area here on iboats Dan.

The strong point of it is from guideline number 3, Do not post copyrighted material or request that anyone else violate copyright law.

Over the years some leniency may had been granted to certain aspects of distribution in which that type of material isn't generally preferred as a starting post being front and center easily found to prying eyes looking to cause trouble in which iboats has been in legal trouble in years past for near continual posting that type of material.... Since then, it's pretty much stopped of allowances and if a section of that type of material happens to get posted deep within a topic per say to help with a certain question type, then that might just be where some of the leniency might come in to play mostly depending on view and timing, etc.. But again, having its own post, the legal challenge just isn't worth the headache it could cause again.

So because of the style of post material being recognized, your posts are ending up an area called Approval queues to where they are to be considered by either the Moderation team or forum Admin for approval or not.