Which Merc Manual for 86 MCM120 ? and specs?


May 12, 2008
I am going to buy a Mercruiser Engine manual for my 1986 S/N 6916664 MCM120. I already have the Merc. Svc. Man. # 6 for the outdrive and want the correct man. for engine, is it #10 ?

Also while we are here has there been any changes or Service Bulletins issued for the 1986 MCM120 with delco dist.? such as timeing or dwell changes?

I just did my yearly(1st spring I've owned it) tune-up and wondered if the specs on the sticker are correct/up to date.

Plugs changed to MR43T at .035
points replaced and set .022
650-700 RPM and Dwell angle adjusted to 30 degrees
Timing @ 8' BTDC

I would really prefer to get the Factory Mercruiser manual, I understand the seloc and clymers are good but the info I request is the Merc manual for the 1986 MCM120.

Thanks for the input