What motor to consider when repowering a 250 mako cuddy.


Jul 4, 2009
I was recently informed that my starboard 150 ocean runner needed a power head or rebuild done due to low compression in a couple of cylinders. I have a pair of low hour 1996 150 johnson ocean runners but they are 15 years old and everybody in town is happy to rebuild one of them for $3000 to $3500. It seams like chasing bad money after bad on these older motors. Can anyone think of a source in south west florida to buy a (pre owned motor that has not been road hard and put away wet). I have even thought about finding a bigger 250 and loose the two ocean runners. Would that be an apropriate configuration to move a heavy 25ft mako 1988 circa? Some direction on this matter would be greatly apreciated. Sincerly Dead and out of the race.