What is purpose of 'bladder case' on Tigershark engine casing?


Chief Petty Officer
Jun 29, 2004
I have a 94 Tigar shark, and noticed one day the remains of a bladder caseing in the bottom of the hull.<br /><br />After examining the parts diagram on line, discovered its the 'magneto bladder casing' Which is on the bottom of the engine. <br /><br />The tigar shark had 2 of these 'accorian pleated' rubber things. one sticks straigh up from the impeller housing, and the other ( broken one) is on the engine caseing. I would figure the one standing up would have broken before the other one. The issue is, unless you have tiny hands, it will be hard to remove the broken bladder. I also notice when I went to feel where the thing was on the engine, the rest of it crumbed in my hand. ( I guess the rubber deteriorated) could I just shove something in the hole and plug it to prevent water from gettin in the engin case, or do I have to replace it . ( I am sure that there are other's out there with theses thing broken off - they look very flimsey)<br /><br />I would need 4 hands to get at it. one to hold a mirror to see up under the exhaust pipe and starter motor, one to hold a flash light, one to manover a pair of long nose pliers, and one to hold my balance as I stand on my head to see up under the engine! I'm not interested in removing the engine to get at this rubber thing!<br /><br />I could get to it to plug the hole!<br /><br /> :confused:


Feb 25, 2004
Re: What is purpose of 'bladder case' on Tigershark engine casing?

Yes they are a pain to get to. It is easier to remove the starter first. Suzuki had the strange idea that they had to have a way releive pressure from the magneto area. Funny how none of the other manufactuors thought that way. Anyway... most of the rebuilders I know either plug it to keep water away from the starter pinion and stator or buy a piece of surgical hose and plug the end of it. The part is only about $8.00 to replace and is a pain, but the pinion gear is reallll expensive and will rust up quick. Some suggest you should spray some WD-40 down the timing sight hole to help displace water and maybe help lube the pinion. <br /><br />Jim