Wave venture 97 1100 overheating


Aug 13, 2011
Wave venture 1100 overheating.Ski has been sitting for a while and has been used in salt water. Had to clean carbs and rebuild. Back in water and took off well 30 -60 seconds later overheat indicator comes on. INtially it was peeing out the side then it stopped and then it started to some but didnt seem as much as at first. Took it back out and hooked hose up to flush and the stream out the side is stronger with the hose on it. Removed all lines going to exhaust elbow they all are clear. Proceeded to check barb fittings on exhaust itself. There is a bypass at the end near where it goes into the rear hull area one of these is clear and a short hose runs to the other one which is plugged. If I suck on it I get a tiny bit of air but if i blow I get nothing. IS this supposed to be plugged, I cant possobly imagine why but just throwing it out there.