Water leak in Saturn SIB


May 3, 2021
Hi, guys- new guy here with a question. I've bought a used Saturn SIB and did some repairs to where the transom is attached to the air tube (proper term??) as it was detaching about 1/2 way down. This repair went well, but when I maidened it with the plywood floor in it, I found it was taking on water after a short time. As the boat was only drawing about 3 inches of water, I'm assuming that there's a small leak in the floor itself. I'm wondering what would be the best way to find the leak while in drydock, as I'm probably 30 miles or so from the water and I'd like to repair it before I try it again. No- one in the boating community here knows anything about inflatables and when I ask, I get looked at as if I had 2 heads. I was hoping that some of my new friends here might have some advice. Sorry for the long post and I look forward to any and all responses. Thanks for the read...

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Sep 20, 2008
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By air tube you mean the large inflatable keel ? If suspect the lower floor fabric has some orifice that lets water inside, remove all panel floors, with tubes inflated firm put inflatable on a hard surface, fill enough water on deck to have a high water level above the trasnsom's water release valve and check where is the water being released from, could be through the plywood panel's lower fabric or the water valve itself ? report your finding...

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