Volvo KAD32 Engine Belt failure and lack of power


Jun 7, 2023
Hi All

I have a Volvo KAD32 in a 24ft boat. On the first outing of the season the battery light came on on the dash and went into alarm. On closer inspection it was found that the primary engine belt had failed. We replaced this belt (checking all pulleys when replacing it).

We then put the boat back in the water for another run. The boat seemed fine at first and was working well at low speeds. It revved up as normal and supercharger kicked in. I then slowed down due to traffic. when I went to accelerate the next time i had no power and could not get above 1000rpm. I continued at low speeds and it was working fine. Tried turning off and on the boat and resetting supercharger speed controller reset but could not get above 1000rpm, this then started to decrease and i could not get above 500rpm. After about an hour of this the battery light came on and went into alarm. I check the primary belt and once again it had snapped. I had a look at the engine before this (i.e when there power was low) and did not notice any belt issues.

I plan to replace the belts again, but if anyone has any suggestions to the cause of the issue, or if the two issues are linked?

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Scott Danforth

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Jul 23, 2011
without the belt, the water circulating pump would not be turning. most likely you overheated the motor to death.