Turned the ingition switch and lost all power Polar Kraft


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May 15, 2013
SDC12580.jpgI have a Polar Kraft 2004 165sc. Yesterday on the river I ran up river warming up my Yamaha 50 (2stroke). Did a couple of hole shots/WOT checking a test prop performance ( boat is mine for 2 months only). Checked the trolling motor and new seating by fishing for a few minutes. Batteries at full charge when I left the house.

When I went to start the Yam. again I turned the key and all panel electronics immediately went off ( Humminbird etc.) So that was dead, no power to Yam. I looked for fuses in the main line and found 2 only ( 10 & 20 minifuses) both looked OK.
I couldn't figure out what would take out everything - Yam. fuse shouldn't take out the other stuff, right ? I used the trolling motor back down the river to dock. Got my jumper cables from car and tried to jump the starter battery with the trolling mot. bat. that didn't do anything either. ??? So I'm working on this today - re-tightening everything, maybe swap batteries from my older boat. Have started recharging bat. , replaced fuses - the panel switch lights now light, but no sounds of power to the Yam.

I was looking at the wiring to the ignition switch - is there ever a circuit breaker at the ignition switch somewhere ? I don't see anything like that.. There is what looks like a sound speaker near it - is that some kind of warning device ? Can anybody give me some info on what should be connected to the ignition switch ? My other switches all have individual circuit reset buttons but not the ignition switch.

Thanks Don
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