Trying to determine which model Fiberform boat I have and any specific information?

Doug Redinger

May 22, 2005
I recently purchased a Fiberform boat and I am trying to determine a few of the specifics about the boat like weight etc. The metal rating plate I found in the glove box say it is a Fiberform 16V serial # 69480 and has a max H.P. rating of 125 H.P. The max fully loaded weight is listed as 1740 pounds and is listed to carry up to 7 150 pound passengers. I was curious as to what the boat weighs empty without any motor, gear or fuel etc. I am trying to determine the running weight of the boat for the purpose of determining a good propeller choice. Also it does not list this model in the fiberglassics site I found here.

Looks just like this boat only it has four aluminum rails. 2 fore and aft on each side. It also has power trim and tilt and came with a old ball mount pivot light from Taylormade.