Tilt Trim questions


Jul 10, 2013
1979 Mercruiser 470 (3.7L)
Won't tilt or trim up.
works fine going down.

If I apply power to the terminal out back, it will raise. So the pump system seems fine (yes, running down would tell me that).... but I wanted to check anyway.

Seems the solenoid (or whatever) at the pump has a relay type thingy attached. Does this reverse polarity, or have anything to do with why I can't tilt up?
If not, I figure the switch up front is bad.
Upon checking switch, I'm confused. Can't seem to determine what the terminals should be. Anyone have a diagram? ..... or a good replacement switch recommendation?


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Aug 20, 2010
Have you checked your reverse lock out switch? If your shifter is in reverse, you can't raise up the outdrive. I know that's too simple , but sometimes simple fixes stuff. Reverse lick out may need adjusting


Jun 30, 2004
i assume ya got the three button trim controls on the dash.
have ya tried pushing the middle + the up button? pushed together, at the same time.
i think when the trim sending unit fails. up don't work. but trailer still will, because it by passes the limit switch that has failed.

so see what happens when ya push the middle and up button together. for trailering. if it works. imho, just use it that way. just be careful not to raise the drive to far up/out while underway. fwiw. my obsolte, nla trim limit switch has failed on Lime Time. i'm forced to up trailer function. it works fine. and if ya don't like using the two buttons. there is a hard wire around to make is so ya just use the middle button. i'd have to look for this info on iboats. but i'm sure it is there. i'm pretty sure achris has posted a wiring diagram as to where to bypass the limit switch so ya only have to use one button again.

again, it this works. don't go up/out to far as the limit switch won't stop the drive for raising to far while underway.