Tell me about the older (99'-01') Baja 212 Islanders?...good boats?


Seaman Apprentice
May 20, 2012
I?ve been looking around for a nice 21?-22? bow rider for the last few months. I was dead set on trying to find a nice used 95?-01? Crownline 225 BR, but I?ve recently seen some nice 99?-01? Baja 212 Islanders for sale. I haven?t gone to look at any of them yet since they are all 2-4 hours away, and I want to learn some more about them before I spend all of that time driving. How?s the build quality on the Baja?s compared to the Crownlines?

How do the 212 Islanders handle rough chop? Any better than the 225 Crownlines? All of the 212 Islanders I?ve seen come have 454?s with Bravo 1 drives?I?m assuming that they should run low 60?s with a light load..right? How are they for towing tubes and wakeboards and other water toys? I?m mainly looking for a nice bowrider that will hold 8-10 people (if needed), pull water toys, ride good in rough lake water (pretty important), and cruise around quick without guzzling huge amounts of fuel. My last boat was a 20ft, light and fast outboard boat?great for run running 70+mph on smooth water, but in rough chop it would beat you to death if you were running over 30mph. I want something more ?family friendly?.

Any info on the 212 Islanders would be great!!