Suzuki DT140 1988 and 2001 DT140 trim & swivel brackets


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Jul 24, 2007
Looking at swapping the entire swivel mounts and trim assembly from a Suzuki DT140 1988 onto a 2001 Suzuki DT140. I have search comparison and it very well looks like it can be done. I like the early model DT140 swivel mounts due to the fact there are more manual settings for the tilt angle and the electric power trim motor is outside of the inner area of the swivels as the 2001 locates the electric power trim in an un serviceable area unless you lift the motor off the transom. Also the 2001 has no factory place to attach a trim gage sensor on the mount

Seems all of the mounting measurements are the same.
Just trying to see if others have made this switch/swap of the swivels and trims assembly.