Suzuki DF-50: Cranking but not Firing.


Jan 25, 2012
Here is a temporary short video on what's happening: Temporary Video

Boat is on the Hudson River, NY.
Normally, the Engine needs to be cranked (by turning the Ignition-key on the Remote Ignition) for about 3-4 seconds before it fires up. At that point it has been staying On and running continuously. I've run it continuously for over a couple of hours, on multiple days, without any problems at all. (Most other outboards I see fire within one or maybe two seconds.)
Fresh gas with Techron added.
Did not use the boat for a month and now I discover this!

Any hints would be appreciated. Thank you.
As a side note: Never seen more than a drop of water trickle out of the tell-tale hole. This is after both the Exhaust Temp Sensor was changed and the Pressure Switch (relief valve) were renewed this Spring (the older valve did not have much crud/calcification on it either, so that is another thing I have always wondered about this engine.)