suzuki 4 stroke slow running problem


Feb 25, 2009
We have a 2005 Suzuki 15hp 4 stroke outboard, runs fine for say 20 minutes and then on slow running will cough and play up and we try and nurse it with a bit of choke but not successful. Then it?ll be fine for another half hour or so! I have stripped the carb and sprayed carb cleaner every where, drained all fuel and replenished along with a service. Can anyone help please?
Mar 19, 2010
Re: suzuki 4 stroke slow running problem

SOunds like mine. I have a 03 johnson 15 hp (made by suzuki) It will run fine at all speeds then all of a sudden it will start sputtering. I have cleaned the carb 3-4 times. Make sure you pull the jets out and clean them. Especially the low speed jet. A plastic stripped bread tie fits perfectly in the hole. Also I am at the point now I believr the float iant properly adjusted. make sure thats set right.