May 6, 2010
Was looking at buying this new underwater toy that you pull behind A boat at slow no wake speed. It’s a Subwing towable. Before buying we used our friends and had a blast. Works as a dive stick and you can cruise underwater around drop offs or cool coves. Will shoot you up and down petty quick to get more air to dive back down again. We boat in northern Michigan and our friends where stopped last weekend by the DNR when they where using these Subwing. After awhile the DNR got back to them and said that we have to wear a PFD when being pulled behind a boat when using these sub wings. You would have to go online and watch a video on this Subwing to see what I mean.... but diving thru the water like a fish and now having to wear a PFD...wait what....I know right. So now am Not sure if where buying this now. Any help on this would be great! Would a divers flag at surface help not have to wear a PFD?


Staff member
May 24, 2011
I think you're out of luck. A diver's flag won't help. You are declaring a no boating zone and technically may be breaking the law by zooming around in a moving diver down area. And someone is still being towed requiring a PFD.