Sport Jet 120 Stator red vs black


Jun 16, 2010
After researching the forum I believe I have a non OEM stator. I have a black box between the stator and the switch box and the forum tells me it is called the stator adaptor. I do not have any ignition or charging problems it is I just want to know what is the adaptor for. If I were to replace the current stator should I look for a red or black stator and with or with out the adapter? If it was an upgrade what is the reason? I cant find a complete answer on the forum

I dont like the idea not having the OEM stator on the motor mostly becuase a couple red wires have been terminated at the switch box, they must have been for something. My motor is a 1995 Sportjet 120 in a F14 SeaRadyer. Any insight is helpful

Would this part #, 174-9873-16, work better then the orginal or the one I have.



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Jul 4, 2009
Re: Sport Jet 120 Stator red vs black

The black stator was 9 amps , the red is 16 amps , The Sport Jets had an issue with voltage feedback and killing the stator and switchbox , The fix is to go to the red stator , adapter (kit part number is 832075A5) and be sure you have a voltage regulator/rectifier instead of the old rectifier . CDI does however have seemed to figure this out with their stators . If you post up your engine serial number I can look to see what CDI part number you will need , the one listed seems wrong to me . PS .. please move this to PWC section :)