spectrum livewells, HELPP


Sep 12, 2011
Alright guys i have recently bought a 91 spectrum 1950 series got and i/o mercruiser, i need a little help! im a huge fisherman, i was going through the manual about the livewells, well in the manual it says flip the switch, but the problem is there is no switch on the dash for livewells! theres a blower, bilge, nav lights, anc lights, and accessory, is that the switch? another thing is i wanted to know where the pump is located on this model, maybe that could be bad, please help people need to get those things running! one more question when i get out of the water and trailer up, i always pull my drain plug, should it be pissing out a ton of water or is something wrong. any help on these issues would be great


Seaman Apprentice
Jul 24, 2010
Re: spectrum livewells, HELPP

The accessory switch is how both of my Blue Fin/Spectrums are wired.

As far as the drain plug being pulled....Are you saying you are Pissing out a ton of water or you think you should be?
When I pull the plug on either of my boats, at most I'll see is a cup (+/-) of water coming out. If it's substantially more than that, I'd start looking for the source of your water intrusion