Some R26 input please


Sep 6, 2011

I have been looking at several different brands in the bowrider category and have decided the one that fits my needs in termms of features and price point is the Mariah R26. I know thismodel is new to the Mariah line having purchased the spec from Caravell where it was known as the 267.

The boat will exclusively be used on the Tampa Bay, Intercostal, and possibly light Gulf use. So far it seems the boat would handle duties with no problem. Like anyone else who is getting into boating my first love was Sea Ray. Before buying off on the brand wholesale I thought it was worth my time to start looking around. This is when I discovered Mariah and in particular the R26.

I guess I ma waiting to find out what it is that I am missing that this boat is $50k (without options) and other boats that seem comparably equipped are 30% or more higher in price.

I do know I would definately be adding the Radar Arch and was hopingto get some input on what other features that are not standard are must haves. I am no opposed to spending a couple extra bucks to get the boat set up right but I also want to be sure I am not just flushing dollars down the toilet if som eof the options are really not worth it. The radar arch is honestly just something that I think looks really cool.

If anyone has some intersting input on the brand and the boat I would really appreciate it. I am likely to wait until the 2012's have come out so I can get a new 2011 at a better price.

Hope to hear back.